Check out DEFEATER's showsMay 28 Defeater (w/ Bane)
Perth, Australia @ YMCA HQ
Check out LEMURIA's showsMay 28 Lemuria (w/ WOAHNOWS, Personal Best)
Glasgow, UK @ Audio
May 28 Modern Pain (w/ Haze, Goon, Witness Protection)
Wilkes-Barre, PA @ The Lamp Post
May 29 After The Fall (w/ Face to Face)
Montreal, QC, Canada @ Foufounes Electriques
Check out DEFEATER's showsMay 29 Defeater (w/ Bane)
Perth, Australia @ Rosemount
Check out LEMURIA's showsMay 29 Lemuria (w/ WOAHNOWS, Personal Best)
Leeds, UK @ Key Club
Check out DEFEATER's showsMay 30 Defeater (w/ Bane)
Adelaide, Australia @ Fowlers
Check out IRON CHIC's showsMay 30 Iron Chic (w/ Soda Bomb, Somerset Thrower, DJ Mathcore)
Rockaway Park, NY @ Riis Park Beach Bazaar
Check out LEMURIA's showsMay 30 Lemuria (w/ WOAHNOWS, Personal Best)
Nottingham, UK @ Stuck on Name Studios
May 30 Modern Pain
Cleveland, OH @ Club Atlantis
Check out DEFEATER's showsMay 31 Defeater (w/ Bane)
Melbourne, Australia @ Corner
Check out LEMURIA's showsMay 31 Lemuria (w/ WOAHNOWS, Personal Best)
Norwich, UK @ Epic Studios
May 31 Modern Pain (w/ Eyesore)
Detroit, MI @ The Sanctuary
Check out WAR ON WOMEN's showsMay 31 War On Women (w/ Refused)
Chicago, IL @ Double Door
Check out DEFEATER's showsJun 01 Defeater (w/ Bane)
Melbourne, Australia @ Arrow on Swanston

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