Ambitions began in 2005 as a way for Jay and Jeff Aust and John Ross to challenge the boundaries that separate hardcore and punk. Taking a range of diverse influences, not the least of which include Quicksand, Turning Point, Face To Face and Avail, Ambitions released a demo and began to play shows all along the east coast. In September of 2006, Ambitions released their EP "Question" on Think Fast! which garnered rave reviews and caught the attention of Bridge Nine.

After solidifying their lineup, Ambitions hit the road with Modern Life Is War, Bane, Have Heart, Verse, Shipwreck and more as they. Ambitions is preparing to release their debut LP "Stranger" in November of 2007- which will once again challenge the definition of what is punk and what is hardcore.

Jay Aust - Vocals • Jeff Aust - Guitar • Jake Woodruff - Guitar • John Ross - Bass • Keith Maddog - Drums