About their album, "From This Day On":

Ah, yes -- 12 songs, 23 minutes. Here in hardcore country, that's called an LP. And a mighty fine one it is, too; this debut effort by the San Francisco-based hardcore band Breathe In was originally slated for release on the respected Revelation label, but personnel changes at that label left the band looking elsewhere. They found a home for From This Day On at the scrappy Boston indie Bridge Nine, which also serves as home to scene stalwarts like American Nightmare and Death Threat. Black Flag is the influence this band claims most proudly, but on songs like "Figure" and "Eternity," their most obvious stylistic referent is Bad Brains -- singer Louie's hoarse, nasal shriek on those tracks is directly lifted from H.R.'s early vocal style. Elsewhere, the band makes tasteful use of multi-tracked vocals and, as on the excellent "We All Do Time," apocalyptic chord progressions that make a nod toward death metal. (And hey, is that a vocal harmony on "Eternity"?) All in all, this is a very impressive debut from a highly promising young band. ~ Rick Anderson, All Music Guide

Louie - Vocals / Guitar • Brett - Guitar / Vocals • Chris - Bass / Vocals • Pako - Drums