There isn't a band out there with a more fitting name than Sinners and Saints. Their music is a soaring, fist pumping rush of pure American rock and roll, as loud and bracing as it is sweetly melodic and tinged with melancholy. It's the sound of world-weary storytellers with arena-ready hooks and shout-along choruses that you'll take with you wherever you go. With nods to everyone from Social Distortion and the Backyard Babies to Guns N' Roses and Bruce Springsteen, it's modern day classic rock in the literal sense of the term. But it all comes from a much darker place, a place of busted skulls and rampant rabble-rousing and the hardest of the hard. Sinners and Saints front men (and brothers in blood, as well as rock) Mark and Rob Lind are both battle-scarred vets of the punk rock trenches with an impeccable pedigree to boast. Mark was a founding member of Boston street punks the Ducky Boys, who's working class anthems and chugging rock and roll were the foundation of Sinners and Saints' sound, and Rob was the main man in berserk, ultra-hardcore legends Blood For Blood, a band known as much for the mayhem their live shows would cause as they were for their bludgeoning war music. After the simultaneous demise of both of their bands, the brothers decided to reach back into their roots, and create the kind of rock and roll they grew up with, before the mad flurry of moshpits and mohawks. Not just an easy musical comparison, Sinners and Saints are a literal Soul Asylum, a place of solace and a refuge for all the ragged tattooed warriors and the hopelessly disillusioned and the sad, silent crazy people left lonely and exhausted from a life rife with pain, poverty, or punk rock. And although the sound has been sweetened, angry flames tempered with age and experience, anyone writing off Sinners and Saints as glossy, mainstream rock are either too young to know any better, or entirely missing the point. The brothers Lind have already been tougher than leather and hard as nails, and it's time for them to move on to calmer waters. Mark and Rob both know that there's something beyond rage and frustration, beyond flying the flag of anarchy and chaos. Beyond all that, if you're lucky, is redemption. Music sets the sick ones free, after all, and Sinners and Saints truly believe that rock and roll has the magical powers to heal even the deepest wounds. 'The Sky is Falling" (Bridge 9), their debut album, is their tribute to that unwavering faith that a well-placed power chord or a stray lyric, in the right place at the right time, can make everything alright. 

Rob Lind - Vocals / Guitar • Mark Lind - Vocals / Guitar • Anthony Pappalardo - Guitar • Dustin Hengst (RIP) - Drums