SOME KIND OF HATE's "Undisputed": A sort of hardcore Oi! that sounds almost as much as The Hellacopters or Electric Frankenstein, than Cro-Mags or Madball. Other times I hear Discharge and G.B.H. influences over Blood for Blood or even Agnostic Front. I can't deny the record its moments of true hardcore and inspired punk rhythms. At times the speed almost sound like thrash ("Who's Next"), and there are even crusty, almost grind moments here and there ("Loose Lips Sink Ships") only to be chopped up by catchy, rock-n-roll sing-a-long choruses. "Desperate Like The Rest of Them" has a Minor Threat feel, but signs off like a Motorhead number. "Watch Them Fall" starts by punching you with machine gun drum fills, later kicking into a rebel, foot stomping beat. "All My Hero's" goes from punk to almost sludgy breaks - like a warped record speeding up and slowing down. Cool as fuck. I wish there were more songs, but I'm a lot more satisfied listening to short hardcore records than grindcore records (songwriting varies more from track to track). The layout is simple, but eye-catching. The cover shot of the skin with Boston replacing England tattoo, liner photos and paper it's printed on are all nice touches, but nothing flashy. The music is definitely powerful enough not to need it anyhow.

Matt Pike - Vocals • Nike Dube - Guitar • Ryan Parker - Bass • Chris Bailey - Drums