Soul Control is a punk band from Providence, RI. Formed in 2007 with ex-members of Verse and What Feeds the Fire, the band made waves with a strong self-titled demo/EP, which was eventually conjoined with newer material for a compilation LP on Rivalry Records called Involution. 

After recruiting vocalist Rory Van Grol (Achilles, How We Are) and shifting musical direction some, the band issued a singles series of four 7"s on four different labels. Bridge Nine caught wind of the band and locked them down for their proper full-length debut, Cycles, in 2009. The album was a further watershed moment, a contemporary hardcore anomaly characterized by Scene Point Blank as "heavily influenced by the likes of 108 and Quicksand, but...also a hint of the noise mongering that was popularized by The Jesus Lizard in there as well...matched with a thick, rumbling, driving rhythm section and Van Grol's coarsely yelled vocals."

The band has since issued two EPs that found them crawling further down the musical noise/grunge/hardcore catch-all rabbit hole: 2011's Get Out Now, and their latest, 2012's Bore Core, which continues to push the boundaries of the hardcore terminology

Rory Van Grol - Vocals • Jim Connolly - Guitar • Eric Anagnostis - Bass • Ryan Pitz - Drums