Formed by Matt Smith (ex Rain On The Parade) and Matt Summers (ROTP/1 time Floorpunch Scab/My War Records owner) in 2000 after an excruciatingly tedious mid term exam at West Chester University. Armed with only an idea to put out a 7" that would be as rare as the Sex-Drive ep by the Necro's (only 100 copies were originally going to be released of the Blood in the Water ep to maximise obscurity) and the desire to write some songs in the vein of the bands the two obsessed over (Antidote, Negative Approach, Poison Idea, SSD, AF etc...) the two worked on two songs that afternoon (CCP and Misery Loves company). With a couple of songs under their belts they needed to find a drummer that didn't suck at playing and didn't suck at record collecting. Fat Rich was called that afternoon and the lineup was almost complete. The three put together a few more songs and entered the studio to record.

Show offers began pouring in as the demo leaked across the nation faster than summers hairline was receding. They quickly recruited Zack Attack for the bass duties and played their first show at the coveted Edge Day in Massachusettes along side In My Eyes, Mouthpiece, TYF and Damage. 7 Months into the bands existance with two releases (Blood in The Water and Feeding Frenzy totaling over 5 thousand copies sold through Bridge 9 Records/Reflections Europe/My War [4,900 more than the band ever wanted]) and dozens of shows sharing the stage with the likes of Fit For Abuse, Agnostic Front, The Cro Mags and Bad Brains, the band decided to call it quits while they were on top before they got "mediocre follow-up album syndrome" that so many of their brother bands faced.

Matt Summers - Vocals Matt Smythe - Guitar • Zach Attack - Bass • Fat Rich - Drums