Shark Attack "Blood In The Water" #B9R011

Release Date: 03/18/2001

The Shark Attack Blood in the Water EP was originally released by vocalist Matt Summers' My War Records label in a single pressing of 500 copies, hence the "MW:02" etching on the matrix and absence of a Bridge Nine edition of the test pressing.  It was a nod to the self released EP of one of their influences, NYC's Antidote, who released their debut in the same quantity on black 7 inch vinyl in 1983. This EP was already a collectors item by the time Bridge Nine released our first edition of 2,000 copies.  Slightly different center label artwork was created, notably printed in black ink on red paper on gray, red & black vinyl.  The final pressing of 1,000 copies on black vinyl has the same artwork as Bridge Nine's first, but it is printed on white paper center labels instead of red.

Track Listing:
1. CCP
2. Blood In The Water
3. Space Invader
4. On The Attack
5. Misery Loves Company

2nd Press / 1000

Fuck Philly Stamped Press / 50

1st Press / 150

1st Press / 300

1st Press / 1500