Following their time in Floorpunch, vocalist Mark Porter, guitarist Bill Hanily & Bassist Marc Ceveney returned with Anger Regiment. Picking up where Floorpunch left off, Anger Regiment released their debut EP "Aces & Eights" before taking their final break. 

"Eight tracks in a mere 15 minutes, amounting to a quick blast of rocked out hardcore featuring ex-Floorpunch members. I've read a few descriptions comparing this band to Burn, and that's an outright misrepresentation. It's not three-chord old school hardcore, but it's not so melodic or technical like Burn either. In fact, nothing on this EP sounds even one iota like Burn sans the awesome intro for "Empty" and a few quick arpeggiated riffs in "Bullshit Activist". Instead it's no bullshit hardcore with straightforward yelling vocals and more of a rock 'n' roll influence to some of the rhythms. It's a little heavier and more aggressive in writing style than many bands meshing those genres, so there are a few very subtle 80's crossover riffs at times (see "Get With It" and "Bullshit Activist"), but the core is still no frills hardcore. The basslines definitely play a significant role and drive the rhythm section though, and there's no excessive speed, so the tracks carry along at a nice moderate pace with just the right amount of energy and tempo variation. I have no problem with the production. The mix is pretty clear and the guitar tone has a little ruggedness to it, the bass sounds great, the drums are crisp, and the vocals sound great - falling right back in against the music. I'd like to hear the drums lose some of their rigid snap (especially the snare rolls), but everything else is fine. The guitars aren't too heavy, so they really let the bass add to the low-end punch and hold things down. The layout looks good, as always, though it's certainly not the strongest the label's had to offer. Everything is printed on matte paper, but basically all you'll see are scribbled red textures over a black background with some dark photos of the band in the studio. Titles like "Step Off" and "Get With It" should clue you in that the lyrics are basically pissed and deal with your usual topics like backing up your words, hanging out with friends, dealing with hardships, etc. Nothing fancy, all straightforward. This is a damn good EP. More creative and interesting than I had expected, though still fully representing the style of true hardcore you'd expect. I look forward to hearing more from this band, especially if they start working more within the realm of their less traditional influences. Check it out."
- Aversion Online

Mark Porter - Vocals • Bill Hanily - Guitar • Marc Zeveney - Bass • Jay Coulson - Drums