No matter what the next trend in hardcore may be, no matter what style is popular, Reaching Forward doesn't care. From the time that they decided to start a band, they wanted to play hardcore as they felt hardcore should be: fast, positive and hard. Reaching Forward got great reviews everywhere "Combine Conflict with Youth of Today. "Totally raw, powerful, pissed, and angry It sounds great and the lyrics are really good as well" (Heartattack ..30). Early this year, their long-time drummer Pieter decided to leave the band and try something different but he didn't leave without laying down an amazing foundation for their brand new record "Burning The Lies". A replacement was found very quickly with Ries, once drumming for Product X and just recently helping out Vitamin X with their US-tour, where he surprised many with his manic and aggressive way of beating the shit out of every drum kit available. Their new record "Burning The Lies", now available on Bridge Nine Records, goes way beyond everything they've ever done. Having influences from both skate punk and the hardest New York City-style hardcore they manage to combine both sides of the spectrum without ever leaving that typical hardcore sound. Singer Johnny bursts out his most personal feelings in their lyrics where also their combined belief in Straight Edge is still standing strong.

Johnny Forward - Vocals • Emiel - Guitar • Arthur - Guitar • Harm - Bass • Ries - Drums