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CRUEL HAND is: Chris - Vocals, Nate - Guitar, Cam - Guitar, Jeremy - Drums, Seger - Bass.

Cruel Hand is coming straight out of Maine and by the end of this year you will have no choice but to acknowledge that they're earning their place at the top of the hardcore heap. Called “one of the most important young bands waving the flag of east coast hardcore” by, this summer the band is proud to put out their second album for Bridge Nine, “Lock & Key.”

Since the release of Cruel Hand's Bridge Nine debut, “Prying Eyes,” in 2008, the band has been a relentless touring machine and one of the tightest bands in the hardcore world. Cruel Hand has shared the stage with bands like Have Heart, Bane, Terror, Death Before Dishonor, and more, and will continue to tour the globe non-stop in support of Lock & Key.

Dubbed “the best thing that this band has created thus far “ by AMP Magazine, Lock & Key is Cruel Hand's third full-length. Full of just as many catchy, metallic riffs as mosh parts, Lock & Key is a nice mix of Madball, Leeway, Cro-Mags, Metallica, Suicidal, Obituary, etc., and is one of the most well-rounded hardcore albums in recent memory. Alternative Press called Lock & Key, “...some seriously intense hardcore, mostly characterized by blistering speed and ferociously heavy breakdowns.”

Lock and Key was recorded in Wakefield, MA with producer Jay Maas (Verse, Bane, Defeater) and illustrates what Cruel Hand is capable of both lyrically and musically. Vocalist Chris Linkovich said, "Lock & Key is definitely not a 'Prying Eyes Part 2'. It's not just a progression either, we feel like this is our defining release. We weren't scared to bring all of our influences to the table, no matter what the genre of music. We spent a lot more time with guitar sounds, a lot of layering and melody and other second guitar work. As far as lyrics, I reached my goal of working with a lot of different subject matters and also using a little bit of melody with different vocal patterns and delivery. The record is ill and we listen to it every day."

The band will be on tour until their next record comes out, so be on the lookout provided you live somewhere on this planet.

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