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Pick Up BoySetsFire's New Album, 'While A Nation Sleeps', Online and In Stores Everywhere Today
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Listen to the new BoySetsFire Song, 'Everything Went Black', Now on POZ
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Watch the New BoySetsFire Music Video For 'Closure' on
BoySetsFire's first studio album in almost seven years, While A Nation Sleeps, is set to be released ...Read More
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BOYSETSFIRE is: Chad Istvan - Guitar, Rev. Chris Rakus - Bass, Dan Pelic - Drums, Robert Ehrenbrand - Bass, Nathan Gray - Vocals, Joshua Latshaw - Guitar.

BoySetsFire has been a band for nearly two decades. In that time the band has played hundreds of shows to anyone that would watch, from basements to festival audiences. They've lived through the terror or rap-rock, the tyranny of nu-metal, and the dark days of pop-punk. They were around before the internet. They made demo tapes. They recorded 4 LP's, EP's, Cd's and even a cassingle. They have played the song "Rookie" over 1,000 times. They have fallen off more stages than most people more

Check out BOYSETSFIRE's showsApr 24 BoySetsFire (w/ Funeral for a Friend, More Than Life)
Bristol, UK @ The Fleece
Check out BOYSETSFIRE's showsApr 25 BoySetsFire (w/ Funeral for a Friend, More Than Life)
London, UK @ O2 Islington Academy
Check out BOYSETSFIRE's showsApr 26 BoySetsFire (w/ Funeral for a Friend, More Than Life)
Leeds, UK @ Met University
Check out BOYSETSFIRE's showsApr 27 BoySetsFire (w/ Funeral for a Friend, More Than Life)
Cardiff, UK @ Uni Solus
Check out BOYSETSFIRE's showsApr 28 BoySetsFire (w/ Funeral for a Friend, Stick to Your Guns, The Tidal Sleep)
Amsterdam, Netherlands @ Melkweg