BoySetsFire has been a band for nearly two decades. In that time the band has played hundreds of shows to anyone that would watch, from basements to festival audiences. They've lived through the terror or rap-rock, the tyranny of nu-metal, and the dark days of pop-punk. They were around before the internet. They made demo tapes. They recorded four LPs, multiple EPs, CDs and even a cassingle. They have played the song "Rookie" over 1,000 times. They have fallen off more stages than most people have stood on. They have been signed and dropped and signed and dropped. Frankly, most bands would have given up years ago. But two decades after their inception, BoySetsFire are still going strong.

The band commented about ending their hiatus, "We tried. Like the most well-meaning addicts, we swore it off, made our amends, and tried to rebuild our lives without BoySetsFire. But the lure was too much. We soon found ourselves in the same situations making the same decisions that lead to so much pain. Before we knew it, we were on a reunion tour. It was amazing. Then we held our breath, crossed our fingers and started writing songs. What came out was music that was even more intense and more brutal than anything we had done before. In fact, the writing was so rewarding, we decided to keep on writing..and writing and writing."

The result, 2013's While a Nation Sleeps... is the band's first full-length in more than seven years. After that three-year hiatus which saw the post-hardcore veterans lend their time to projects like the Casting Out and Young Lady, the band reconvened in 2010 and soon set to work on some of their truly heaviest, most aggressive and scathing material to date’s well as some of their most melodic. With their signature mix of political and personal themes set to a surprisingly dynamic musical backdrop, long-time fans and even newcomers should find something to enjoy.

Nathan Gray - Vocals • Chad Istvan - Guitar • Joshua Latshaw - Guitar • Rev. Chris Rakus - Bass • Robert Ehrenbrand - Bass • Dan Pelic - Drums