Expire announce U.S. tour with Stray from the Path
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Expire finishes up U.S. tour; European dates starts July 26
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Expire tapped for Every Time I Die Canada tour
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EXPIRE is: Josh Kelting - Vocalist, Zach Dear - Guitarist, Marcus Boldt - Drummer, Caleb Murphy - Bassist.

Expire are a hardcore quartet from the Midwest. Their newest album is Pretty Low and it lashes out like a laceration—it's a festering blister that always feels like it's been pulled too early, its wounds given too little time to heal. In the time since Expire released their fierce debut, 2012's Pendulum Swings, something happened to the Midwest hardcore band that's resulted in material that's decidedly sharper, more pointed and somehow meaner than before, sounding looser and even less caged. Their approach is still traditionally concise, but this time around, Josh Kelting's unfiltered lyrical barbs and Zach Dear's riffs take just a little longer to dig in and take hold, exploding with scathing juggernauts that lay emotional waste for 24 minutes.


Check out EXPIRE's showsSep 12 Expire (w/ Every Time I Die, Counterparts)
Halifax, NS, Canada @ The Marquee Ballroom
Check out EXPIRE's showsSep 13 Expire (w/ Every Time I Die, Counterparts)
Moncton, NB, Canada @ McSweeny's
Check out EXPIRE's showsSep 14 Expire (w/ Every Time I Die, Counterparts)
Charlottetown, PE, Canada @ Fishbones
Check out EXPIRE's showsSep 15 Expire (w/ Every Time I Die, Counterparts)
Rimouski, QC, Canada @ Coop Paradis
Check out EXPIRE's showsSep 16 Expire (w/ Every Time I Die, Counterparts)
Trois-Rivieres, QC, Canada @ Rock Cafe Le Stage