Expire "With Regret" #B9R242

Release Date: 09/23/2016

Expire return with their third full-length, With Regret. A little heavier and just as fierce as ever, the Midwest Blood champions cruise across sub-two-minute juggernauts purging their feelings on damaged relationships and introspective exorcisms. With Regret is the first Expire album recorded outside of their mainstay studio, Howl Street, having traveled up to Chicago's Bricktop Studios with Andy Nelson. The new environment takes them out of their comfort zone and results in subtle new twists to the band's sound, which bounces with a caustic, fraught anxiety, more memorable riffs, and focused vocals that retain all their previous bile and despair.

Track Listing:
1. Fighting the Slip
2. Divide and Conquer
3. Hidden Love
4. Regret
5. Medicine
6. Vultures
7. Live or Die
8. Fair Weather Friend
9. Turned to Dust
10. Ghost
11. The Harsh Truth
12. Beyond My Reach
13. Fear in Control

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