Grab this Crimson Ghost 27"x36" Photomosaic Poster designed by Chris Wrenn in 1997 While You Can

In college Chris Wrenn designed a photomosaic of the #CrimsonGhost for a final project. Started 20 years ago in 1997 and finished in 1998, this was pre-photoshop and was done entirely by hand. There are over 600 photographs of gravestone details from an old cemetery in Poultney, Vermont that made up this originally almost 6 foot tall image, and each one was exposed onto a tiny rectangle of photo paper and printed in a dark room. Chris affixed each print onto a backing board, one at a time. When he moved to Boston, he had a pro photo taken of it and scanned, and ordered a run of big 27"x36" posters made. They'd be rolled by hand in a plastic sleeve and sold from time to time at shows, and Tower Records let Chris set up a little display of them to sell on consignment while he worked there. Sadly, the original work of art has been lost to time but Bridge Nine has the last remaining copies from that original batch up at