Check out BACKTRACK's showsApr 18 Backtrack (w/ Stick to Your Guns)
Salzburg, Austria @ Rockhouse
Check out DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR's showsApr 18 Death Before Dishonor (w/ Ringworm, Relentless)
Chicago, IL @ Cobra Lounge
Address: 235 N. Ashland - Chicago, IL Google Maps
Check out OCTAVES's showsApr 18 Octaves (w/ whenskiesaregray)
Newark, DE @ Mojo Main
Check out BACKTRACK's showsApr 19 Backtrack
Wien, Austria @ Arena
Check out DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR's showsApr 19 Death Before Dishonor (w/ Ringworm, Relentless, Weekend Nachos, Homewrecker, Represent, Youth Forgotten, Smoke & Mirrors, Race Riot 59, Lawskof, Ruin, Wasted Blood, Hysteria, Inferno Machine)
Lakewood, OH @ The Foundry (Firefest)
Address: 11729 Detroit Ave. - Lakewood, OH Google Maps
Check out IRON CHIC's showsApr 19 Iron Chic (w/ The World/Inferno Friendship Society, Bad Doctors)
Brooklyn, NY @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
Check out OCTAVES's showsApr 19 Octaves (w/ whenskiesaregray)
Hammonton, NJ @ Dav
Check out RAMALLAH's showsApr 19 Ramallah (w/ Iced Earth, Nile, Sam Black Church, Unearth, Sabaton, Nails, Revamp, All Out War, Battle Cross, Kadavar, Texas in July, Obey the Brave, Twitching Tongues, Barrier, Lionheart, Harms Way, Loyal to the Grave, Sylar, CDC, Reign Supreme, Those Who Fear, Gift Giver, King Nine, Discourse, Silence the Messenger, Will to Die, Acius)
Worcester, MA @ The Palladium
Check out BACKTRACK's showsApr 20 Backtrack (w/ Stick to Your Guns)
Prague, Czech Republic @ Futurum
Check out BACKTRACK's showsApr 21 Backtrack (w/ Stick to Your Guns)
Schweinfurt, Germany @ Alter Stattbahnhof
Check out BACKTRACK's showsApr 22 Backtrack (w/ Stick to Your Guns)
Trier, Germany @ Ex-Haus
Check out BACKTRACK's showsApr 23 Backtrack (w/ Stick to Your Guns)
Milano, Italy @ Lo-Fi
Check out BACKTRACK's showsApr 24 Backtrack (w/ Stick to Your Guns)
München, Germany @ Backstage
Check out BACKTRACK's showsApr 25 Backtrack (w/ Redemption Denied)
Lichtenstein, Germany @ JZ Riot
Check out BOYSETSFIRE's showsApr 25 BoySetsFire (w/ Funeral for a Friend)
London, UK @ O2 Islington Academy

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