Check out BACKTRACK's showsJun 27 Backtrack (w/ Higher Power)
Cardiff, UK @ The Full Moon
Check out BOYSETSFIRE's showsJun 27 BoySetsFire
Graz, Austria @ PPC
Check out H2O's showsJun 27 H2o
Opwijk, Belgium @ Nijdrop
Jun 27 Malfunction (w/ Lost Souls, Mental Collapse, On Point, Great Minds)
Nashville, TN @ The End
Check out BACKTRACK's showsJun 28 Backtrack (w/ Higher Power)
Glasgow, UK @ Audio
Check out BOYSETSFIRE's showsJun 28 BoySetsFire
Budapest, Hungary @ A38
Check out H2O's showsJun 28 H2o
Schweinfurt, Germany @ Alter Stattbahnhof
Check out WAR ON WOMEN's showsJun 28 War On Women (w/ FLAG, The Dirty Nil)
New York, NY @ Gramercy Theatre
Check out BACKTRACK's showsJun 29 Backtrack (w/ Higher Power)
Leeds, UK @ Temple of Boom
Check out H2O's showsJun 29 H2o
Timelkam, Austria @ Gei
Check out WAR ON WOMEN's showsJun 29 War On Women (w/ FLAG, The Dirty Nil)
Philadelphia, PA @ Underground Arts
Check out BACKTRACK's showsJun 30 Backtrack (w/ Higher Power)
London, UK @ The Dome
Check out BOYSETSFIRE's showsJun 30 BoySetsFire
Leipzig, Germany @ Conne Island
Check out H2O's showsJun 30 H2o (w/ Strife)
Vienna, Austria @ Arena
Check out BACKTRACK's showsJul 01 Backtrack
Bruxelles, Belgium @ Garcia Lorca

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