Check out BACKTRACK's showsJul 28 Backtrack
Kosice, Slovakia @ Collosseum Club 777
Check out CEREMONY's showsJul 28 Ceremony (w/ Boris)
Dallas, TX @ Trees
Check out EXPIRE's showsJul 28 Expire
London, UK @ Barfly
Check out GOODTIME BOYS's showsJul 28 Goodtime Boys (w/ Mean Season, the River Card)
Prague, Czech Republic @ Klub 007
Check out HIEROPHANT's showsJul 28 Hierophant
Wien, Austria @ TBD
Check out TEST OF TIME's showsJul 28 Test Of Time
Zwiesel, Germany @ Jugendcafe
Check out BACKTRACK's showsJul 29 Backtrack
Warsaw, Poland @ Chmury
Check out CANDY HEARTS's showsJul 29 Candy Hearts (w/ Stickup Kid, Seaway, Driver Friendly)
Dallas, TX @ The Prophet Bar
Check out CEREMONY's showsJul 29 Ceremony (w/ Boris)
Austin, TX @ The Mohawk
Check out EXPIRE's showsJul 29 Expire
Leeds, UK @ Temple of Boom
Check out GOODTIME BOYS's showsJul 29 Goodtime Boys (w/ We Came Out Like Tigers, Deer in the Headlights)
Leipzig, Germany @ Kulturecafe Manfred
Check out HIEROPHANT's showsJul 29 Hierophant
Budapest, Hungary @ TBD
Check out SILVER SNAKES's showsJul 29 Silver Snakes
Tucson, AZ @ The Rock Side Room
Check out TEST OF TIME's showsJul 29 Test Of Time
Munich, Germany @ Free & Easy Festival
Check out BACKTRACK's showsJul 30 Backtrack
Hannover, Germany @ Lux

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