Check out OCTAVES's showsJan 23 Octaves (w/ Caravels)
Utrecht, Netherlands @ ACU
Check out EXPIRE's showsJan 24 Expire (w/ Four Year Strong, Comeback Kid, Handguns, Heart to Heart)
Amityville, NY @ Revolution
Check out OCTAVES's showsJan 24 Octaves (w/ Caravels)
Rouen, France @ Emporium Galorium
Check out EXPIRE's showsJan 25 Expire (w/ Four Year Strong, Comeback Kid, Handguns, Heart to Heart)
Cambridge, MA @ The Sinclair
Check out OCTAVES's showsJan 26 Octaves (w/ Caravels)
Portsmouth, UK @ Edge on the Wedge
Check out OCTAVES's showsJan 28 Octaves (w/ Caravels)
London, UK @ The Black Heart
Check out OCTAVES's showsJan 30 Octaves (w/ Caravels)
Dendermonde, Belgium @ JH Zenith
Check out OCTAVES's showsJan 31 Octaves (w/ Caravels)
Cologne, Germany @ Privat
Check out HIEROPHANT's showsFeb 04 Hierophant (w/ Mutilation Rites)
Milano, Italy @ Lo Fi
Check out HIEROPHANT's showsFeb 07 Hierophant (w/ Mutilation Rites)
Lisbon, Portugal @ Burning Fight Fest
Check out HIEROPHANT's showsFeb 12 Hierophant (w/ Mutilation Rites)
Antwerp, Belgium @ Het Bos
Check out HIEROPHANT's showsFeb 13 Hierophant (w/ Mutilation Rites)
Utrecht, Netherlands @ dB's
Check out HIEROPHANT's showsFeb 14 Hierophant (w/ Mutilation Rites)
Hamburg, Germany @ Bambi Galore
Check out HIEROPHANT's showsFeb 16 Hierophant (w/ Mutilation Rites)
Copenhagen, Denmark @ KB18
Check out ALCOA's showsFeb 17 Alcoa (w/ Front Porch Step, Have Mercy, Head North)
Pittsburgh, PA @ Smiling Moose

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