Check out EXPIRE's showsApr 25 Expire (w/ Homewrecker, Cross Me)
Calgary, AB, Canada @ National Music Center
Check out LEMURIA's showsApr 25 Lemuria (w/ Tigers Jaw, Somos)
El Paso, TX @ Tricky Falls
Check out DEFEATER's showsApr 26 Defeater (w/ Counterparts, Capsize, Better Off, Hotel Books)
Toledo, OH @ Frankies
Check out EXPIRE's showsApr 26 Expire (w/ Homewrecker, Cross Me)
Lethbridge, AB, Canada @ Westminister Hall
Check out LEMURIA's showsApr 26 Lemuria (w/ Tigers Jaw, Somos)
Austin, TX @ The Mohawk
Check out DEFEATER's showsApr 27 Defeater (w/ Counterparts, Capsize, Better Off, Hotel Books)
Erie, PA @ Basement Transmissions Theatre
Check out EXPIRE's showsApr 27 Expire (w/ Homewrecker, Cross Me)
Saskatoon, SK, Canada @ Beaumont Records
Check out LEMURIA's showsApr 27 Lemuria (w/ Tigers Jaw, Somos)
Dallas, TX @ Trees
Check out DEFEATER's showsApr 28 Defeater (w/ Counterparts, Capsize, Better Off, Hotel Books)
Buffalo, NY @ Studio @ The Waiting Room
Check out EXPIRE's showsApr 28 Expire (w/ Homewrecker, Cross Me)
Fargo, ND @ The New Direction
Check out LEMURIA's showsApr 28 Lemuria (w/ Tigers Jaw, Somos)
Houston, TX @ Fitzgerald's
Check out LEMURIA's showsApr 30 Lemuria (w/ Tigers Jaw, Somos)
Jacksonville, FL @ Underbelly
Check out LEMURIA's showsMay 01 Lemuria (w/ Tigers Jaw, Somos)
Orlando, FL @ The Social
Check out LEMURIA's showsMay 02 Lemuria (w/ Tigers Jaw, Somos)
Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade - Hell Room
Check out ALCOA's showsMay 03 Alcoa (w/ Matt Davies, Matze Rossi)
London, UK @ Academy2 Islington

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