Check out RA's showsJun 27 RA (w/ Incendiary, Heavy Chains, Society Sucker, Lost Souls, Bitter Rivals)
Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter
Check out CANDY HEARTS's showsJun 28 Candy Hearts (w/ Warped Tour)
San Antonio, TX @ AT&T Center
Check out EXPIRE's showsJun 28 Expire, Terror
Aachen, Germany @ Musikbunker
Check out RA's showsJun 28 RA (w/ Incendiary, Heavy Chains)
Wilmington, DE @ The Harmony Grange
Check out EXPIRE's showsJun 29 Expire, Terror
Hannover, Germany @ Mephisto
Check out EXPIRE's showsJun 30 Expire, Terror
Copenhagen, Denmark @ Vega
Check out CANDY HEARTS's showsJul 01 Candy Hearts (w/ Warped Tour)
Nashville, TN @ The Fairgrounds Nashville
Check out EXPIRE's showsJul 01 Expire, Terror
Hamburg, Germany @ Logo
Check out CANDY HEARTS's showsJul 02 Candy Hearts (w/ Warped Tour)
Atlanta, GA @ Aaron's Amphitheater at Lakewood
Check out EXPIRE's showsJul 02 Expire, Terror
Rostock, Germany @ Jaz
Check out CANDY HEARTS's showsJul 03 Candy Hearts (w/ Warped Tour)
St. Petersburg, FL @ Vinoy Park
Check out EXPIRE's showsJul 03 Expire, Terror
Lobnitz, Germany @ With Full Force
Check out CANDY HEARTS's showsJul 04 Candy Hearts (w/ Warped Tour)
West Palm Beach, FL @ Coral Sky Amphitheatre at the South Florida Fairgrounds
Check out EXPIRE's showsJul 04 Expire, Terror
Munster, Germany @ Vainstream Rockfest
Check out CANDY HEARTS's showsJul 05 Candy Hearts (w/ Warped Tour)
Orlando, FL @ Tinker Field

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