Check out BACKTRACK's showsApr 16 Backtrack (w/ Bane, Malfunction)
Austin, TX @ Red 7
Check out LEMURIA's showsApr 16 Lemuria (w/ Tigers Jaw, Somos)
Vancouver, BC, Canada @ Korean Hall
Check out BACKTRACK's showsApr 17 Backtrack (w/ Bane, Malfunction)
Houston, TX @ Walter's Downtown
Check out LEMURIA's showsApr 17 Lemuria (w/ Tigers Jaw, Somos)
Seattle, WA @ The Vera Project
Check out BACKTRACK's showsApr 18 Backtrack (w/ Bane, Malfunction)
Dallas, TX @ Club Dada
Check out LEMURIA's showsApr 18 Lemuria (w/ Tigers Jaw, Somos)
Portland, OR @ Alhambra Theater
Check out BACKTRACK's showsApr 19 Backtrack (w/ Bane, Malfunction)
Lawrence, KS @ Bottleneck
Check out DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR's showsApr 19 Death Before Dishonor, RA, Cruel Hand (w/ Motionless in White, For Today, The Color Morale, Rotting Out, My Ticket Home, Lorna Shore, The Last Ten Seconds of Life, World of Pain, Shark Ethic, Ghost X Ship, Living Laser, Oath)
Worcester, MA @ The Palladium
Check out BACKTRACK's showsApr 20 Backtrack (w/ Bane, Malfunction)
Nashville, TN @ The End
Check out LEMURIA's showsApr 20 Lemuria (w/ Tigers Jaw, Somos)
San Francisco, CA @ Great American Music Hall
Check out LEMURIA's showsApr 21 Lemuria (w/ Tigers Jaw, Somos)
Los Angeles, CA @ The Roxy Theatre
Check out BACKTRACK's showsApr 22 Backtrack (w/ Bane, Malfunction)
Baltimore, MD @ Ottobar
Check out EXPIRE's showsApr 22 Expire (w/ Homewrecker, Cross Me)
Winnipeg, MB, Canada @ Handsome Daughter
Check out BACKTRACK's showsApr 23 Backtrack (w/ Bane, Malfunction)
Philadelphia, PA @ Voltage
Check out EXPIRE's showsApr 23 Expire (w/ Homewrecker, Cross Me)
Regina, SK, Canada @ The Club

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