Check out BOYSETSFIRE's showsJun 17 BoySetsFire
Bischofsmais, Germany @ Rock the Hill
Check out EXPIRE's showsJun 17 Expire, Cross Me (w/ Renounced)
London, UK @ Boston Music Rooms
Jun 17 Malfunction (w/ Lost Souls, Bad Times Crew, Spinebreaker)
Berkeley, CA @ 924 Gilman St.
Check out BACKTRACK's showsJun 18 Backtrack
Saarwellingen, Germany @ Rockcamp
Check out BOYSETSFIRE's showsJun 18 BoySetsFire
Saarwellingen, Germany @ Rockcamp Festival
Check out EXPIRE's showsJun 18 Expire, Cross Me
Dordrecht, Netherlands @ Bibelot
Jun 19 After The Fall (w/ IRA Infexion Respiratoria Aguda, My Pizza My World, Lost in Society, DAMN BROADS, The Moms, many more)
New York, NY @ Governor's Island (Punk Island 2016)
Check out BACKTRACK's showsJun 19 Backtrack
Clisson, France @ Hellfest
Check out BACKTRACK's showsJun 20 Backtrack (w/ Turnstile)
Roissy, France @ Pub ADK
Check out BOYSETSFIRE's showsJun 20 BoySetsFire
Liverpool, UK @ Arts Club
Check out BACKTRACK's showsJun 21 Backtrack (w/ Turnstile)
Zurich, Switzerland @ Dynamo
Check out BOYSETSFIRE's showsJun 21 BoySetsFire
Birmingham, UK @ Academy 3
Jun 21 Malfunction (w/ Lost Souls, Sex Prisoner, Reasons, Easy Money)
Tempe, AZ @ 51 West
Check out BACKTRACK's showsJun 22 Backtrack (w/ Turnstile)
Munchen, Germany @ Feierwerk
Check out BOYSETSFIRE's showsJun 22 BoySetsFire
London, UK @ Academy Islington

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