Check out DEFEATER's showsJun 03 Defeater (w/ Bane)
Sydney, Australia @ Bald Faced Stag
Check out LEMURIA's showsJun 03 Lemuria (w/ WOAHNOWS, Personal Best)
Bristol, UK @ Exchange
Jun 03 Modern Pain (w/ Blindside USA, Perfect People, The Warden)
St. Louis, MO @ Fubar
Check out LEMURIA's showsJun 04 Lemuria (w/ WOAHNOWS, Personal Best)
Southampton, UK @ Joiners
Jun 04 Modern Pain (w/ Dress Code, Free at Last, Traitor K9)
Springfield, MO @ Outland Ballroom
Check out DEFEATER's showsJun 05 Defeater (w/ Bane)
Newcastle, Australia @ The Small Ballroom
Check out LEMURIA's showsJun 05 Lemuria (w/ WOAHNOWS, Personal Best)
London, UK @ The Dome
Jun 05 Modern Pain (w/ Dress Code, Blindside USA, Beta Boys)
Kansas City, MO @ The Sandbox
Check out DEFEATER's showsJun 06 Defeater (w/ Bane)
Byron Bay, Australia @ YAC
Check out LEMURIA's showsJun 06 Lemuria (w/ WOAHNOWS, Personal Best)
Kingston, UK @ Fighting Cocks
Check out DEFEATER's showsJun 07 Defeater (w/ Bane)
Brisbane, Australia @ The Brightside
Check out DEFEATER's showsJun 08 Defeater (w/ Bane)
Brisbane, Australia @ The Lab
Check out LEMURIA's showsJun 08 Lemuria (w/ WOAHNOWS, Personal Best)
TBC, Netherlands @ TBC
Jun 08 Modern Pain (w/ Dress Code, Lumpy and the Dumpers, Mongoloid)
Boise, ID @ Feral House
Check out LEMURIA's showsJun 09 Lemuria (w/ WOAHNOWS, Personal Best)
Berlin, Germany @ Cassiopeia

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