Check out H2O's showsApr 03 H2o (w/ Give and Take, Social Damage, New Heart)
New Haven, IN @ The Den
Address: 909 Main St. - New Haven, IN Google Maps
Check out LEMURIA's showsApr 03 Lemuria (w/ Tigers Jaw, Somos)
Danbury, CT @ Heirloom Arts Theatre
Check out BACKTRACK's showsApr 04 Backtrack, Malfunction (w/ Bane)
Springfield, MO @ Outland Ballroom
Check out H2O's showsApr 04 H2o, Crime In Stereo, New Found Glory, Defeater (w/ Cro-Mags, Citizen, A Loss for Words, Apnea, Artifex Pereo, Bad Luck, Better Off, Boys No Good, Capsize, Carpathias, Dark Sermon, Fireworks, GhostXShip, Gideon, Hotel Books, King Nine, Like Pacific, Nothing Til Blood, the Orphan the Poet, Pentimento, Secret Keeper, Speak Low If You Speak Love, Superheaven, This Wild Life, Turnover, Turnstile, Villians, Xerxes)
Jacksonville, FL @ Aqua Night Club
Address: 11000 Beach Blvd. - Jacksonville, FL Google Maps
Check out LEMURIA's showsApr 04 Lemuria (w/ Tigers Jaw, Somos)
Howell, NJ @ GameChangerWorld
Check out BACKTRACK's showsApr 05 Backtrack, Malfunction (w/ Bane)
Denver, CO @ Marquis Theater
Check out DEFEATER's showsApr 05 Defeater (w/ Counterparts, Capsize, Better Off, Hotel Books)
Birmingham, AL @ The Forge
Check out H2O's showsApr 05 H2o
Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade
Check out BACKTRACK's showsApr 06 Backtrack, Malfunction (w/ Bane)
Salt Lake City, UT @ Loading Dock
Check out LEMURIA's showsApr 06 Lemuria (w/ Tigers Jaw, Somos)
Buffalo, NY @ Waiting Room
Check out BACKTRACK's showsApr 07 Backtrack, Malfunction (w/ Bane, Alone, Eighty/Six)
Boise, ID @ The Crux
Address: 1022 W. Main St. - Boise, ID Google Maps
Check out DEFEATER's showsApr 07 Defeater (w/ Counterparts, Capsize, Better Off, Hotel Books)
New Albany, IN @ New Albany Production
Check out LEMURIA's showsApr 07 Lemuria (w/ Tigers Jaw, Somos)
Toronto, ON, Canada @ Mod Club
Check out BACKTRACK's showsApr 08 Backtrack, Malfunction (w/ Bane)
Seattle, WA @ El Corazon
Check out DEFEATER's showsApr 08 Defeater (w/ Counterparts, Capsize, Better Off, Hotel Books)
Nashville, TN @ Rocketown

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