Check out BOYSETSFIRE's showsApr 29 BoySetsFire (w/ Funeral for a Friend, Stick to Your Guns, The Tidal Sleep)
Wiesbaden, Germany @ Schlachthof
Check out IRON CHIC's showsApr 29 Iron Chic
Milano, Italy @ Lo Fi
Check out BOYSETSFIRE's showsApr 30 BoySetsFire, Terror, H2o (w/ Despised Icon, Deez Nuts, Stick to Your Guns, Breakdown of Sanity, Climates)
Cologne, Germany @ Palladium (Impericon Festival)
Check out IRON CHIC's showsApr 30 Iron Chic (w/ Überyou, Rivals)
Lyon, France @ Warmaudio
Check out BACKTRACK's showsMay 01 Backtrack (w/ Comeback Kid, The Greenery)
Jonquire, QC, Canada @ Le Klube
Check out BOYSETSFIRE's showsMay 01 BoySetsFire, H2o (w/ Stick to Your Guns, Touché Amoré, Misconduct, The Charm the Fury, Scream Your Name)
Zürich, Switzerland @ Komplex (Loudfest)
Check out IRON CHIC's showsMay 01 Iron Chic (w/ A Hurricane's Revenge, Southport)
Trier, Germany @ Ex-Haus
Check out BACKTRACK's showsMay 02 Backtrack (w/ Comeback Kid, The Greenery)
Sherbrooke, QC, Canada @ Le Woodstock
Check out H2O's showsMay 02 H2o, BoySetsFire, Iron Chic, Paint It Black (w/ NOFX, Madball, Brand New, Alkaline Trio, I Am the Avalanche, Everlast, Bodyjar, La Dispute, The Menzingers, Tim Barry, Deez Nuts, Restorations, The Wonder Years, Bayside, Atlas, Losing Grip, Devil in Me, Astpai, Funeral Dress, Wisdom in Chains)
Meerhout, Belgium @ Groezrock
Check out TEST OF TIME's showsMay 02 Test Of Time (w/ Raindance, Sweet Jesus, Capital Cities, Stella)
New Bedford, MA @ Gallery X
Check out BACKTRACK's showsMay 03 Backtrack (w/ Comeback Kid, The Greenery)
Quebec City, QC, Canada @ Chez Dagobert
Check out BOYSETSFIRE's showsMay 03 BoySetsFire (w/ NOFX, Alkaline Trio, Bayside, The Wonder Years, The Lawrence Arms, I Am the Avalanche)
Munich, Germany @ Monster Bash
Check out IRON CHIC's showsMay 03 Iron Chic (w/ Hunters, Svffer, Sleep_Less, Under the Pledge of Secrecy, Casanovas Schwule Seite, The Dropout Patrol, Kellys Revenge, Landverraad, Fuse, Space Chaser, Pete Ross and the Sapphire, 100blumen)
Aachen, Germany @ AZ Fest 2014
Check out BACKTRACK's showsMay 04 Backtrack (w/ Comeback Kid, Turnstile, Subzero, Alpha & Omega, Focused Minds, Perfo Nation, Ghost X Ship, The Greenery, Broken Bounds, Cross Me, Spaz Out)
Gatineau, QC, Canada @ Légion Royale Canadienne (Heart Fest 8)
Check out BOYSETSFIRE's showsMay 04 BoySetsFire (w/ Brand New, Saves the Day, La Dispute, The Menzingers, I Am the Avalanche, Red City Radio)
Stuttgart, Germany @ Pirate Satellite Festival

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