Lemuria's Philly show moved to North Star Bar, FYI - gonna be a killer time.

Australia and SE Asia next year!

Fri-Dec-27 Toronto, ON Hard Luck
Sat-Dec-28 Rochester, NY Space Pauls
Sun-Dec-29 Philadelphia, PA North Star Bar
Mon-Dec-30 Boston, MA Great Scott

Wed-Jan-29 Perth, AUS Rosemount
Thu-Jan-30 Brisbane, AUS Snitch (X&Y Hotel)
Fri-Jan-31 Newcastle, AUS Hamilton Station Hotel
Sat-Feb-01 Sydney, AUS Hermanns Bar
Sun-Feb-02 Wollongong, AUS Rad
Wed-Feb-05 Canberra, AUS Magpies
Fri-Feb-07 Adelaide, AUS Crown and Anchor
Sat-Feb-08 Melbourne, AUS The Reverence Hotel
Sun-Feb-09 Melbourne, AUS The Vineyard

Thu-Feb-13 Manila, Phillipenes Black Kings Bar
Fri-Feb-14 Bangkok, Thailand The Overstay
Sat-Feb-15 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Black Box
Sun-Feb-16 Banda Aceh, Indonesia Rodya Cafe
Tue-Feb-18 Medan, Indonesia Pitu Room
Thu-Feb-20 Pekanbaru, Indonesia Gedung Taman Budaya
Fri-Feb-21 Padang, Indonesia Origo Distro 2nd Floor
Sat-Feb-22 Jambi, Indonesia Regent Pub & Family Karaoke
Sun-Feb-23 Jakarta, Indonesia Rossi Music
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