LP's Available August 27th, 2013 As Part of Our 10 Year Anniversary Series

Featuring members of American Nightmare, the Trouble, In My Eyes and The Explosion, Panic exploded onto the Boston hardcore scene with two EPs before disbanding in 2002. The band reformed for a brief period of time in the mid-2000's and released new music as well as a compilation effort, Strength in Solitude, in 2006. Strength in Solitude encompasses all of Panic's releases: 2 EP's, 1 demo and a live version of a previously unreleased track, and this 2013 LP has ten more tracks than previously released version - see full track listing below. Panic recently announced two reunion shows happening next week - first on August 8th at St. Vitus in Brooklyn (alongside The Suicide File) followed by an appearance at This Is Hardcore Festival in Philadelphia on Friday August 9th.

Also available on August 27th will be a vinyl re-issue of Mental's Get An Oxygen Tank (which also features the Live on WERS EP), that was originally released in August of 2003. Mental played straight forward straight edge hardcore, minus the pretense and minus any air of conceit. Formed in Boston during the latter part of 2001, they drew influence from the latter end of 80's New York Hard Core with such bands as Supertouch, Underdog, and Agnostic Front.

Pre-order these fine releases now over at B9Store.com or pick them up in person at This Is Hardcore.


Mental 'Get An Oxygen Tank'
Side A: Get AnĀ  Oxygen Tank EP
1. History 101
2. Break A Sweat
3. Growing Pains
4. Get An Oxygen Tank
5. Chiller Than Most (Still Mental)
6. Respect
Side B: Live on WERS
1. Sucker Punched
2. Intro
3. History 101
4. Mental
5. Sike
6. Break A Sweat
7. G.A.O.T. / Chiller Than Most
8. Respect
9. And You Know This

Panic 'Strength In Solitude'
Side A: Dying For It EP and S/T EP
1. Written In Stone
2. Strength In Solitude
3. I Watch You Sleep
4. Lighthouse
5. Force It 'Til You Hear It Snap
6. I Walk The Same Way Home Every Night
7. My Favorite Mistake Was You
8. Turn Cold
9. Into The Reasons
10. Our Choice Is Made
11. Pale
12. Fall On Proverb (Unbroken Cover)
Side B: Cirlces EP, Demo, Live Recording
1. Rise
2. Ramparts
3. Shadow Park
4. Hello Young Lions
5. Involvers
6. Wolves Circle Wolves
7. Face Myself (Demo)
8. Distance (Demo)
9. I Walk The Same Way Home Every Night (Demo)
10. Think Ahead (Live)
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