Test of Time started very organically in the spring of 2012 by a group friends with a mutual admiration for the straight edge and a desire to form a band that was different than what was currently dominating the Boston scene. Chemistry was immediate as songs flowed out at an alarming rate.  The band, featuring noted Boston-area photographer Todd Pollock (vocals) alongside Charles Chaussinand (guitar  ex No Harm Done, Offsides, Make or Break), James Christopher (guitar/vocals  ex The Effort), DJ Butler (bass) and Jeff Novak (drums) quickly self-recorded and self-produced their debut 10 song EP Inclusion.  After a well-received release and playing numerous shows with bands they never thought in their wildest dreams they’d share the stage with, Test of Time continued to write material at a steady pace. 

The band quickly caught the attention of Bridge Nine label owner Chris Wrenn and the partnership with Test of Time was almost immediate. Now, they've teamed up to release Test of Time's new six-song EP The Price which will be available on September 10th on vinyl and digital formats. Song premieres and pre-order information will be coming very soon from Bridge Nine.

Also listen to a Test of Time track (a playful cover on the legendary Skid Row song, "Youth Gone Wild") on the Massachusetts Is A Coffin (volume three) compilation which is available here and also features tracks from other local bands like Rude Awakening, My Fictions, and more.

Check out Test of Time's blog and bandcamp page and see the band at the Cambridge, MA Elks on July 28 w/ Beartrap and La Bella.

* photo by Angela Owens
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