Sound Supply's sixth drop is now live and we're excited to have Defeater's Empty Days & Sleepless Nights as part of the drop. For $15 you get 10 albums and it's only live for 10 days. Here are the albums:

1. Defeater "Empty Days & Sleepless Nights" (Bridge 9 Records)
2. Loney Dear "Hall Music" (Polyvinyl)
3. The Lighthouse & The Whaler "This Is An Adventure" (Self)
4. The Casket Lottery "Real Fear" (No Sleep)
5. You Blew It! "Grow Up, Dude" (Topshelf Records)
6. Faded Paper Figures "The Matter" (Shorthand Records)
7. Everyone Everywhere "S/T" (Big Scary Monsters)
8. Hostage Calm "Please Remain Calm" (Run for Cover)
9. Fierce Creatures "Catacomb Party" (Paper Garden Records)
10. The Forecast "Everybody Left" (Clifton Hotel)
Bonus EP
11. Ragged Claws "Imagined Kings" (Self)

There is also a holiday special: To celebrate the season, we're offering a special Gift Drop. For just $30, you can get a copy of Drop 6 for yourself, while sending a copy to your 2 best friends. Music is best when it is shared and we'd love nothing more than to help your friends listen to better music. Happy Drops-mas!

More information is at and you can purchase here!
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