We had a showcase with Scion at the Glasshouse in Pomona, CA last August featuring H2O, Verse, Soul Control and Expire. It was a fucking blast, honestly, so I'm excited that these videos and downloads are ready for the masses to check out. Also the Soul Control interview is hilarious.

You can download the two track release featuring live performances from Expire and Soul Control from the show for free right now here or from the widget below.

Also, check out the interviews and the behind the scenes videos embedded below. Thanks to Blow The Scene for the feature:

These videos share an inside look into one of the genre's leading vehicles for new music, trendsetting social media, and worldwide touring artists.

Apart from the inside scoop at Bridge 9 HQ, you will find exclusive interviews with several of the bands we've had the pleasure of covering in venues ranging from small club settings, to the gargantuan This Is Hardcore Fest as H20, Verse, Expire, and Soul Control go in-depth with full band interviews and live clips.



Published on December 4, 2012 - 19,715 Views

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