"Music needs to have an almost divine touch to it in order for it to succeed, and Goodtime Boys have shaken the hands of the punk rock Gods." - Mass Movement

"...nothing short of a masterpiece. It’s moving, and emotionally gripping, and definitely on my list for Album of the Year. If you’re a fan of post-metal I implore you to check this out." - The New Review

The UK's Goodtime Boys are gearing up for their European tour in support of their latest album, What's Left To Let Go. This 10-track album was mastered by Jay Maas (Defeater, Bane) and features five tracks from Goodtime Boys' previously released EP Are We Now or Have We Ever Been and five brand new cuts recorded and mixed last summer by Lewis Johns at The Ranch in Southampton (two of which appeared on the new Every Landscape 7inch). Guitarist Kai Woolen-Lewis said, "These songs are a document of our last year as a band; some were honed on tour and played live a whole bunch, some were written just in time to record, but even still this double-EP feels like a whole body of work and now we're just really excited for people to hear it."

Check out tour dates below or here and check out Goodtime Boys on the road!!

Dec 02 Goodtime Boys
Antwerp, Belgium @ Eglantier
Dec 03 Goodtime Boys
Hengelo, Netherlands @ Innocent
Dec 04 Goodtime Boys
Munster, Germany @ Baracke
Dec 05 Goodtime Boys
Aachen, Germany @ AZ
Dec 06 Goodtime Boys
Jena, Germany @ Kassablanca
Dec 07 Goodtime Boys
Dresden, Germany @ AZ Conni
Dec 08 Goodtime Boys
Budapest, Hungary @ Trafik
Dec 09 Goodtime Boys
Grawz, Austria @ SUB
Dec 10 Goodtime Boys
Ulm, Germany @ Club Schilli

The band will have copies of What's Left To Let Go with them on tour, along with a special cassette version of the album that'll be available from Palm Reader Records.

In the meantime, check out Goodtime Boys music and merch in the B9 Store!
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