Sooooooo... we have a tent (see photo above) at Warped Tour once again this summer, all along the ENTIRE routing. Our friend Sean is slingin' merch - say hi to him, bring him treats/beverages, buy some stuff (we have lots of shirts with the word 'fuck' on them), and hang out!

We are also lucky enough to have Polar Bear Club out on the whole tour as well! That, coupled with PBC's upcoming live/acoustic release Live At The Montage (coming 7/31 from B9), and your favorite app and mine Instagram, we decided to launch a contest featuring all of those things! Here's how it works:

1) Take a picture of Polar Bear Club playing LIVE at Warped Tour (or a pic of yourself with someone from the band)
2) Post it to Instagram with the hash tag #PBCLIVEB9
3) We'll check out all of the photos posted each day, and pick the one we like (cool? funny? just a nice picture? whatever we feel like!)
4) We'll notify you that you've won and you'll get a FREE copy of Polar Bear Club's Live At The Montage CD.

Annnd... go!
Published on June 22, 2012 - 8,393 Views

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