I can't believe that it has been almost 10 years since CHAMPION's debut Bridge Nine record, the "Count Our Numbers" EP, was released. 10 years. Champion was an early flagship band for Bridge Nine, and beloved friends. Releasing their records was an honor and an exciting privilege that brought me on tour with them throughout Europe and Australia, as the band became one of our more prolific vinyl bands with four 7 inch titles and a landmark full length album with the release of "Promises Kept". The ride came to an end in 2006 when the band decided to call it a day.

It all started because American Nightmare had played with them on tours through the Northwest, and Tim Cossar from AN spoke highly of them, saying that they got the best reaction of any band that they had played with. That motivated me to reach out to Aram, and the following spring the "Count Our Numbers" EP was released. Followed in '03 by a reissue of their debut 7", 2001's "Come Out Swinging". 2004 saw the release of their LP, "Promises Kept", and in 2005 we re-issued both of their EP's on CD as "Time Slips Away". Finally, 7 years later, TSA has been pressed on 12" LP to collect all 13 songs. We've also gone and repressed "Promises Kept", which has been out of print for years on vinyl and is now available in an expanded gatefold LP jacket. The LP is from the 3rd mix of the album, which is the only mix that both the band and their engineer, Kurt Ballou of God City Studio, were all happy with.

I am so excited that Champion's recordings are finally back in print on vinyl, so please pick them up and check them out! Champion has been broken up for over 5 years now, but they left a lasting mark on the hardcore scene.

We also have a new huge 24"x36" poster featuring the photos from the "Promises Kept" LP, printed with the same metallic blue ink as the "Time Slips Away" LP jackets.
- Chris

All of that stuff is available HERE!

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