First things first - if you haven't heard any of the new songs or videos from Ceremony's new album ZOO (Matador Records) are you doing yourself a serious disservice. The album is incredible. We are proud to be selling copies through the B9 Store now - pick up your copy before they're gone!

Also, EMusic has Ceremony's last album, Rohnert Park (Bridge Nine) on sale now for $4.99 for a digital copy as a part of their "must-sees at SXSW sale". I mean you guys probably have the album, but if you don't, it's a cheap way to pick up a digital copy. Oh and speaking of SXSW, we have a couple of bands playing (DYS, Foundation) a couple of shows down there next week, I'll post info/reminders later. Wow this blog went way off course. Later!
Published on March 8, 2012 - 5,288 Views

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