Tonight's the night - the Hometown Throwdown in Boston with the legendary Bosstones and our very own H2O! Can't wait to see everyone there.

Hopefully we'll get to hear H2O's cover of Someday I Suppose tonight, too! Need tickets for the show? Get 'em here!

H2O's most recent album, "Don't Forget Your Roots", celebrates artists that helped inspire the band. In honor of H2O's long standing relationship with the Mighty Mighty Bosstones (who brought them out on their first US tour), we pressed 500 copies of the Bosstones cover of "Someday I Suppose" on split green/red vinyl, with an etching of 6 different snowflakes on the A-side. Cool, right? These 7inches are now sold out but you can still pick up a copy of Don't Forget Your Rootshere.

See you at HOB Boston tonight!

*photo by John Flynn
Published on December 28, 2011 - 3,799 Views

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