Fun fact that not a lot of people know about Bridge Nine... When we really started getting some momentum and began putting out a lot of records, we needed cash to make things happen. Not eligible for a loan of any sort and outspending the tiny paycheck that I was getting from my job, the label needed money to pay the bills and it needed it fast. In 2000, I started making merch for Boston sports fans, starting with "Yankees Suck" gear. We sold stuff to fans leaving the stadiums and took that cash to pay the labels manufacturing and production bills. Twelve years later, that has spun off into its own company (Sully's), but to pay tribute to B9's long time connection to Boston sports, we decided to do a run of 4 different premium t-shirts. Representing each of Boston's major teams, these are printed on super soft, high ring spun cotton tees, and are designed with the legit letter and number fonts for each team. Check them out HERE!
Published on September 30, 2011 - 3,853 Views

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