As you probably know, in anticipation of the release of H2O's forthcoming covers album, Don't Forget Your Roots, the band is releasing a series of super limited 7inches. We release the California 7inch a couple of weeks ago (which featured the songs "Beverly Hills" (Circle Jerks), "Journey To The End of East Bay" (Rancid), "Sick Boy" (Social Distortion)) and now we're ready to launch pre orders for the New York 7inch!

The New York 7inch will feature the songs "Hard Times" (Cro Mags), "Friends Like You" (Sick Of It All), and "Pride"(Madball). Also available is a special New York shirt, poster, and more. The New York 7inch will be officially available on October 18th, but you can pre order your copy now HERE!

This 7inch is also a nice pre-cursor to the band's November 19th NYC record release show for DFYR at the Gramercy where the band will be playing H2O S/T and DFYR only - get your tickets now from Live Nation!

And don't forget about Don't Forget Your Roots, which is slated to hit stores on November 15th...

H2O DC 7 inch, featuring the songs "Safe" (Dag Nasty), "Said Gun" (Embrace), "Understand" (Government Issue)

NOVEMBER 15TH: H2O 'H2O' LP Release

NOVEMBER 15th: H2O Don't Forget Your Roots CD/LP/Digital featuring the songs
1) Bad Brains - Attitude
2) 7 Seconds - Satyagraha
3) Madball - Pride
4) Descendents - Get The Time
5) Embrace - Said Gun
6) Ramones - I Wanna Live
7) Gorilla Biscuits - Cats and Dogs
8) Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Someday I Suppose
9) Rancid - Journey to the End
10) Dag Nasty - Safe
11) Social Distortion - Sick Boy
12) Sick Of It All - Friends Like You
13) The Clash - Train in Vain
14) Verbal Assault - Scarred
15) Warzone - Don't Forget The Struggle, Don't Forget The Streets
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