So... SC is on tour in Europe now in support of their new EP, Get Out Now (btw if you haven't listened or picked up a copy yet, you probably should), and upon their return to the states, the band will be playing a sweet record release show in Pawtucket, RI.

I am told there will be "limited junk" and "cheap beer" there. Sounds like my kind of party. Details:
8/25 8pm
Machines with Magnets
Pawtucket, RI

Soul Control
The Body
All Teeth (flying in from CA)
Like Wolves

Europeans: check out SC on the road while they tour your fine continent:
Jul 28 Soul Control
Milano-Arese, Italy @ SGA
Jul 29 Soul Control
Stuttgart, Germany @ Juha West
Jul 30 Soul Control
Mol, Belgium @ Break Out Fest
Jul 31 Soul Control
Hamburg, Germany @ Rote Flora
Aug 01 Soul Control
Norrköping, Sweden @ Kulturhus
Aug 02 Soul Control
Stockholm, Sweden @ Cafe Kupan
Aug 03 Soul Control
Lund, Sweden @ Hemgarden
Aug 04 Soul Control
Frederica, Denmark @ Hardcore Fest
Aug 05 Soul Control
Münster, Germany @ Sputnik Cafe
Aug 06 Soul Control
Köln, Germany @ Underground
Aug 07 Soul Control
Trier, Germany @ Ex-Haus
Aug 08 Soul Control
Brighton, UK @ The Hydrant
Aug 09 Soul Control
Exeter, UK @ Cavern
Aug 10 Soul Control
Huddersfield, UK @ The Parish
Aug 11 Soul Control
London, UK @ The Underworld
Aug 12 Soul Control
Ieper, Belgium @ Ieper Fest
Aug 13 Soul Control
Schneverdingen, Germany @ Move Your Ass
Aug 13 Soul Control
Hannover, Germany @ The Rise Fest
Aug 14 Soul Control
Lodz, Poland @ Dekompresja Club
Aug 15 Soul Control
Wien, Austria @ Escape
Aug 16 Soul Control
Kosice, Slovakia @ Collosseum Club
Aug 17 Soul Control
Steyr, Austria @ Röda
Aug 18 Soul Control
Liepzieg, Germany @ 4rooms
Aug 19 Soul Control
Hohenstein, Germany @ Voice Of Art Festival
Aug 20 Soul Control
Berlin, Germany @ Cassiopeia

* photo by Todd Pollock
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