Alright, it's official - SC's Get Out Now EP is officially available today. If you haven't heard it yet, it's streaming on AV Club. Seriously. Go listen to it.

AV Club had this to say:
"Soul Control is in a tough spot. The Rhode Island hardcore outfit left itself little room for improvement after the release of its 2009 album Cycles, a heavy and frenetic riff-orgy that nonetheless made space for slow, droning breakdowns and passages of atmospheric brutality. But the band’s five-song follow-up, Get Out Now, rises above. Rawer and riskier, the EP intensifies everything that makes Soul Control great: gut-curdling gravity, subliminal melody, and churning rage, not mention a newfound appreciation for the bone-deep hooks and grooves of Floor. With Get Out Now, Soul Control is once again leaving a trail of broken pigeonholes in its wake—not to mention a few beautiful bruises. (Bridge Nine)"

Oh yeah and if you like what you hear, pick up a copy of the EP now on CD or vinyl (with digital bonus in both formats - 5 songs total!) and support the label and the band.

Last but not least, Euros: SC is heading your way later this month. Check 'em out

european tour w/ ritual:
22.07.2011 Belgium, Kontich @ Lintfabriek
23.07.2011 Belgium, As @ Vlamrock (La Dispute,The Carrier,50 Lions, ToucheA)
24.07.2011 Czech Republic, Rokycany @ Fluff Fest (Ceremony, Black Breath..)
25.07.2011 Germany, Dresden @ Chemiefabrik
26.07.2011 Austria, Höchst @ Juz Chillout
27.07.2011 Germany, Freiburg @ KTS
28.07.2011 Italy, Milano-Arese @ SGA
29.07.2011 Germany, Stuttgart @ Juha West (w/La Dispute,Touche Amore,Ding)
30.07.2011 Belgium, Mol @ Break Out Fest (w/Ceremony, BWP..)
31.07.2011 Germany, Hamburg @ Rote Flora (w/The Carrier, All Teeth)
01.08.2011 Sweden, Norrköping @ Kulturhus
02.08.2011 Sweden, Stockholm @ Cafe Kupan
03.08.2011 Sweden, Lund @ Hemgarden
04.08.2011 Denmark, Frederica @ Fredericia Hc Fest (Ceremony, The Carrier..)
05.08.2011 Germany, Münster @ Sputnik Café (La Dispute,Touche Amore,Ding)
06.08.2011 Germany, Köln @ Underground (Defeater, CDC, Stick to your Guns)
07.08.2011 Germany, Trier @ Ex-Haus (YOT, The Carrier, All Teeth..)
08.08.2011 UK, Brighton @ The Hydrant (La Dispute, Touche Amore, Ding..)
09.08.2011 UK, Exeter @ Cavern
10.08.2011 UK, Huddersfield @ The Parish
11.08.2011 UK, London @ The Underworld (Strife, Stick to Your Guns)
12.08.2011 Belgium, Ieper @ Ieper Fest (Comback Kid, Horse The Band...)
13.08.2011 Germany, Schneverdingen @ Move Your Ass Festival (STYG)
13.08.2011 Germany, Hannover @ The Rise Festival (Ding, Lemuria,Cheap Girls)
14.08.2011 Poland, Lodz @ Dekompresja Club (Sheer Terror)
15.08.2011 Austria, Wien @ Escape
16.08.2011 Slovakia, Kosice @ Collosseum Club
17.08.2011 Austria, Steyr @ Röda (Hot Water Music, Make Do And Mend)
18.08.2011 Germany, Leipzig @ 4 Rooms
19.08.2011 Germany, Hohenstein @ Voice of Art Festival
20.08.2011 Germany, Berlin @ Cassiopeia
8/26 Fulton, NY @ The Polish Home
w/another breath's final show, like wolves, oak & bone, engineer, unrestrained

snake from SC on Vimeo.

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