Have you been curious about this whole Get Out Now EP? Well, you're in luck, because our friends at AV Club are streaming SC's new release in its entirety now. Seriously. Go listen to it. It's one of the best EP's of the year. Not kidding. I can't...stop...listening... to it.

AV Club had this to say:
"Soul Control is in a tough spot. The Rhode Island hardcore outfit left itself little room for improvement after the release of its 2009 album Cycles, a heavy and frenetic riff-orgy that nonetheless made space for slow, droning breakdowns and passages of atmospheric brutality. But the band’s five-song follow-up, Get Out Now, rises above. Rawer and riskier, the EP intensifies everything that makes Soul Control great: gut-curdling gravity, subliminal melody, and churning rage, not mention a newfound appreciation for the bone-deep hooks and grooves of Floor. With Get Out Now, Soul Control is once again leaving a trail of broken pigeonholes in its wake—not to mention a few beautiful bruises. (Bridge Nine)"

Oh yeah and if you like what you hear, pick up a copy of the EP now on CD or vinyl (with digital bonus in both formats - 5 songs total!) and support the label and the band. This is officially available next Tuesday - July 12th.

Last but not least, Euros: SC is heading your way later this month. Check 'em out

european tour w/ ritual:
7/23 As, Belgium @ Vlamrock
7/24 Rockycany, Czech Republic @ Fluff Fest
7/25 Dresden, Germany @ Chemie Fabrik
7/26 Austria, Hochst @ Juz Chillout
7/27 Freiburg, Germany @ KTS
7/28 Milano-Arese, Italy @ SGA
7/29 Stuttgart, Germany @ Juha West
7/30 Mol, Belgium @ Break Out Fest
7/31 Hamburg, Germany @ Rote Flora
8/01 available email niclas@nodeclinebooking.com
8/02 Stockholm, Sweden @ Cafe Kupan
8/03 Lund, Sweden @ Hemgarden
8/04 Frederica, Denmark @ Frederica Hardcore Fest
8/05 Munster, Germany @ Sputnik Cafe
8/06 Essen, Germany @ Brotherhood Festival
8/07 Trier, Germany @ Ex-Haus
8/08 Brighton, United Kingdom @ The Hydrant
8/09 Exeter, United Kingdom @ Cavern
8/10 Huddersfield, United Kingdom @ The Parish
8/11 London, United Kingdom @ The Underworld
8/12 Ieper, Belgium @ Ieper Fest
8/13 Schneverdingen, Germany @ Move Your Ass
8/13 Hannover, Germany @ The Rise Fest
8/14 Lodz, Poland @ Dekompresja Club
8/15 Wien, Austria @ Escape
8/16 Slovakia, Kosice @ Colloseum Club
8/17 Steyr, Austria @ Roda
8/18 Liepzieg, Germany @ 4rooms
8/19 Hohenstein, Germany @ Voice Of Art Festival
8/20 Berlin, Germany @ Cassiopeia

8/26 Fulton, NY @ The Polish Home
w/another breath's final show, like wolves, oak & bone, engineer, unrestrained

snake from SC on Vimeo.

* photo by Stan Horaczek
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