As I'm sure you've noticed, there have been a lot of cryptic news stories, videos, posts, etc. about this new EP from SC. Are you intrigued? We are.

Now's your chance to pre-order your copy of Get Out Now - a 5-song EP, with 4 tracks appearing on the vinyl (black/blue split... so sick) with a 5th track as a bonus digitally (digital download comes with vinyl purchase btw). We have a package deal for sale that includes the 7inch, SC shirt and a sticker for only 16 bucks - order it only at the B9Store now! We have a few new shirts up there too.

We'll be posting some new music very, very soon but for an even vaguer introduction to this album, check out a recent interview with the band here.

Don't forget to check out the band in NYC on June 30th @ Santo's and on tour in Europe in July and August!
Jun 30 Strike Anywhere, Soul Control (w/ Iron Chic)
Santo's Party House, NY @ Brooklyn
Jul 23 Soul Control
As, Belgium @ Vlamrock
Jul 24 Soul Control
Rockycany, Czech Republic @ Fluff Fest
Jul 25 Soul Control
Dresden, Germany @ Chemie Fabrik
Jul 26 Soul Control
Dornbirn, Austria @ TBA
Jul 27 Soul Control
Lugo, Ravenna, Italy @ Lughè
Jul 28 Soul Control
Milano-Arese, Italy @ SGA
Jul 29 Soul Control
Stuttgart, Germany @ Juha West
Jul 30 Soul Control
Mol, Belgium @ Break Out Fest
Jul 31 Soul Control
Hamburg, Germany @ Rote Flora
Aug 01 Soul Control
Stockholm, Sweden @ kafe 44
Aug 03 Soul Control
Lund, Sweden @ Hemgarden
Aug 04 Soul Control
Frederica, Denmark @ Hardcore Fest
Aug 05 Soul Control
Münster, Germany @ Sputnik Cafe
Aug 06 Soul Control
Essen, Germany @ Brotherhood Festival
Aug 07 Soul Control
Trier, Germany @ Ex-Haus
Aug 08 Soul Control
Brighton, United Kingdom @ The Hydrant
Aug 09 Soul Control
Exeter, United Kingdom @ Cavern
Aug 11 Soul Control
London, United Kingdom @ The Purple Turtle
Aug 12 Soul Control
Ieper, Belgium @ Ieper Fest
Aug 13 Soul Control
Schneverdingen, Germany @ Move Your Ass
Aug 13 Soul Control
Hannover, Germany @ The Rise Fest
Aug 14 Soul Control
Lodz, Poland @ Dekompresja Club
Aug 15 Soul Control
Wien, Austria @ Escape
Aug 18 Soul Control
Liepzieg, Germany @ 4rooms
Aug 19 Soul Control
Hohenstein, Germany @ Voice Of Art Festival
Aug 20 Soul Control
Berlin, Germany @ TBA

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