Previously known as The Superbowl of Hardcore, Black N Blue Bowl, has now announced its full 2011 lineup, which has been completed by the announcement of headlining act Sick of it All. The New York City hardcore festival takes place on May 28th this year and features many of the hardcore elite including Gorilla Biscuits, Agnostic Front, Sick Of It All, Terror, Absolution, Antidote, Maximum Penalty as well as Backtrack, Down To Nothing, No Turning Back, Take Offense and Bottom Out.

The festivalís official trailer, produced by Convoy Films, has just been released and can be viewed below. As of now, tickets will be available at the door. ALL AGES - NO BARRICADES!!!

Pick up albums and merch from BNB Bowl bands Agnostic Front and Antidote here!

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So stoked for NTB! TAKE CONTROL
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