H2O "Four Song 1995 Demo" #H2ODEMO

Release Date: 06/03/2015

H2O's original four-track 1995 demo cassette was recorded just after Christmas 1994 with legendary engineer and producer Don Fury, who had previously sat at the helm of some of the best NYHC records of all time (Victim in Pain, New York Crew, Start Today, etc. al.). The demo would later be released as a 7" by Eyeball Records in 1996. Nonetheless, this tape started it all, and Bridge Nine is excited to remake it for H2O fans who weren't there to pick it up the first time around. This is a yellow cassette limited to 200 copies and hand-numbered on the J-card by frontman Toby Morse himself, and won't be remade when they're all gone. This cassette was part of a package deal that also included an exclusive H2O "demo" t-shirt.

Track Listing:
1. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
2. Scene Report
3. If The Mask Fits
4. Go

Cassette / 200