East Coast DYS Shows Next Month
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DYS "True Believers" Available Digitally Today
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DYS Previews New Single
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Pick Up a Copy of the xxx ALL AGES xxx Film on DVD in the B9 Store
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DYS is: Dave Smalley - Vocals, Jonathan Anastas - Bass, Adam Porris - Guitar, Franz Stahl - Guitar, Al Pahanish Jr. - Drums.

Taking their name from the Department of Youth Services, Massachusetts’s infamous way station for troubled teens, as well as Alice Cooper’s song “Department of Youth,” DYS were one of the East Coast's first Straight Edge Hardcore bands. Formed from inside SS Decontrol’s notorious "Boston Crew.” The band preached a passionate belief in Drug Free living and the idea that a shared musical and social taste could help create regional Brotherhoods or Crews. DYS were also one of the first Hardcore b...read more



No shows planned at the moment.