First Blood "Self Titled 5 Song EP" #DIV3601

Release Date: Fall 2003

This is the only release on the "Division 36 Records" imprint distributed by Bridge Nine.  In early 2003, Bridge Nine began talking with First Blood about releasing their debut album.  Karl (vocals) & Doug (guitar) were also in Terror at the time, and Bridge Nine had just released their "Lowest of the Low" EP. To get the relationship started, Bridge Nine offered to re-issue their originally self released 5 song demo.  The band didn't want the demo to be their B9 debut, so Bridge Nine created the Division 36 sub label to release the EP, and put it through Bridge Nine's distribution.  The CD was first pressed in 2003, and was later re-pressed with the bands slightly different logo in 2005.

Track Listing:
1. Suffocate
2. Drown
3. Victim
4. Unbroken
5. Foundation