Panic "Panic S/T" #B9R028
Release Date: 06/29/2002

Track List:
1) Turn Cold
2) Into The Reasons
3) Our Choice Is Made
4) Pale
5) Fall On Proverb (Hidden Track)

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2nd press
PANIC Self-Titled EP (Pink Vinyl)

Limited to: 200

Spray painted labels. This was the final pressing

1st press
PANIC Self-Titled EP (Back To School Jam Cover / Clear Vinyl)

Limited to: 35

Panic made their own cover for one of the Back To School Jam shows, and numbered it out of 35, using clear vinyl from their s/t release. They painted PANIC on 35 different old 7" covers, so each one is unique.

Panic "S/T" 7" EP Black Vinyl

Limited to: 300

Panic "S/T" 7" EP White Vinyl

Limited to: 200

Panic "S/T" 7" EP Clear Vinyl

Limited to: 1465

CD version

Limited to: CD EP out of print

The self-titled EP from Panic was on a CD ep with a clear disc face. This is out of print.

Test Press
PANIC Self-Titled EP (Test Pressing)

Limited to: 10

Covers printed on a brown vellum paper, hand #'ed out of 10.