Slapshot "Greatest Hits, Slashes & Crosschecks" #B9R032
Release Date: 11/26/2002

Track List:
1) Crossover Sucks
2) Shoot Charlton Heston
3) Firewalker
4) Chip On My Shoulder
5) Say Goodbye
6) What's At Stake
7) I've Had Enough
8) Punk's Dead
9) Say My Thoughts
10) Back On The Map
11) Step On It
12) No Time Left
13) No Friend Of Mine
14) Hang Up Your Boots
15) In Your Face
16) Another Mistake
17) Watch Me Bleed
18) Loser
19) Secrets
20) 16 Valve Hate
21) Old Tyme Hardcore
22) Silence

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1st press

CD version
Slapshot "Greatest Hits, Slashes & Crosschecks" CD (Out of Print)

Limited to: CD Only

This 22 song collection is Slapshot's tribute to Slapshot. Featuring 22 songs re-recorded, Slapshot takes old classics & puts a new spin on them. This CD was a licensed from Europe and is no longer in print. The copies being sold are the remainders and leftovers from distributor returns recently discovered during the B9 move. Get them while you can.