Champion "Come Out Swinging" #B9R036
Release Date: 02/01/2003

Track List:
1) Intro
2) Harrison & Broadway
3) Assume The Worst
4) Insider
5) Left Your Mark
6) Thank You Note
7) One To Two

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2nd press
Champion "Come Out Swinging" 7" EP Orange Vinyl

Limited to: 250

Final pressing. Released at the same time as the final "Count Our Numbers" & both of these have labels that say "Time Slips Away" which was the CD released at this time

1st press
Champion "Come Out Swinging" 7" EP Clear Vinyl

Limited to: 700

sold out

Champion "Come Out Swinging" 7" EP Solid Green Vinyl

Limited to: 300

CHAMPION Come Out Swinging (Green Vinyl + Posi Numbers Cover)

Limited to: 116

This version was made for the 2003 "Posi Numbers" Festival in Wilkes Barre, PA. Hand stamped labels and a hand numbered cover featuring an illustration by artist Matt Ariola.

CD version
Champion "Come Out Swinging" CD-EP

Limited to:

This CD-EP is out of print and combined onto the Time Slips Away CD collection

Test Press
Champion "Come Out Swinging" 7" EP Test Press

Limited to: ???

1st batch of test presses were rejected. The Matrix on the approved one says "Matt Pike...Modern Day Archie" on side A and "Bunker" on side B. The rejected ones do not have the "Bunker." Exact quantities unkown