Palehorse "Amongst The Flock" #B9R079
Release Date: 11/14/2006

Track List:
1) St. Louis
2) Amongst The Flock
3) Consuming Me
4) Bleed The Sheep
5) Witch Hunt
6) The 33rd Degree
7) Last Place
8) As The Serpent
9) 1948
10) Domestic War
11) Mayday

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1st press

CD version
Palehorse Amongst The Flock CD

Limited to: CD only. Vinyl on Dead Serious Recordings

Debut CD from Connecticut's metallic hardcore upstarts. Fusing metal and hardcore similar to Hatebreed and Integrity, Palehorse steps it up with a nod to classic 80s thrash metal like Exodus or Nuclear Assault. 11 songs of pure destruction.

-"Palehorse have the drive and vigour of early Thrash/Crossover bands, except that they are ten times as angry and are even more volatile. The album reminds me of the same fire in the belly feeling that S.O.D. and Anthrax stole my heart with back in my m...READ MORE