No Turning Back "Holding On" #B9R080
Release Date: 11/14/2006

Track List:
1) Picture Perfect Smiles
2) This World Is Mine
3) Two Steps Ahead
4) Wicked Ways
5) Sick And Tired
6) Nothing Changes
7) Forever In Denial
8) Alive Or Dead
9) Thief
10) Take Your Guilt
11) Find Another Day
12) Is This It?
13) Open Your Mind
14) What's Waiting Ahead

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1st press

CD version
No Turning Back- Holding On CD

Limited to: CD only

Holland's reigning kings of hardcore bring it down on their first North American full-length CD after a decade of dominating Europe. 14 songs putting a modern twist on the New York hardcore styles of Killing Time, Madball and Breakdown. If you haven't seen them on the road with Terror or Death Before Dishonor, you don't know what you're missing.