Outbreak "You Make Us Sick" #B9R048
Release Date: 07/27/2004

Track List:
1) Infected
2) You're A Waste
3) Spit In Your Face
4) No One Cares
5) MP
6) Pushed Aside
7) You Make Us Sick
8) Braindead/Scum
9) Sick And Tired
10) Don't Need You
11) Out(break)tro
12) I Blame You
13) Useless
14) No Second Chances
15) Dead To Me

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European Press
OUTBREAK You Make Us Sick one sided 12 inch EP (Red Vinyl)

Limited to: 500

Licensed to Burial Records for release in the UK / Europe. One sided 12" EP on red vinyl. Out of print.

1st press
Outbreak-"You Make Us Sick" 7" EP Yellow/Black Swirl

Limited to: 770

Sold Out

Outbreak-"You Make Us Sick" 7" EP Yellow/Green Swirl Vinyl

Limited to: 340

Sold out

OUTBREAK You Make Us Sick (Maroon - Warehouse Edition)

Limited to: 143

Spring Cleaning 2009 = finding a lot of records with no covers. We had special glue pocket "Warehouse Edition" covers made with blank covers that we screen printed and hand numbered.


Limited to: 130

Outbreak's first 7" EP on Bridge Nine and not for sale for years. Limited to 130 copies. Limit 1 per customer.

We cleaned our warehouse out this spring and found a lot of records and inserts that needed covers. It's common for records to have "overs" when you press and sometimes you end up with random extras. We found records we haven't sold in years. So we did what made the most sense-we screen printed custom covers for these and we're selling them for normal vinyl prices. T...READ MORE

Outbreak-"You Make Us Sick" 7" EP Maroon Vinyl

Limited to: 1100

Sold out

CD version
Outbreak You Make Us Sick CD-EP

Limited to: n/a

15 tracks of pure hardcore punk from B9's newest addition, OUTBREAK. The first 11 songs were recorded by the legendary hardcore producer Don Fury (Judge, Youth Of Today) and they are so angry and fast that when they were done tracking, they realized that they had only recorded 10 minutes worth of music. So, it was back to the studio where they recorded 4 more songs to round the record out. Get into it.

Test Press
Outbreak-"You Make Us Sick" 7" EP Test Press

Limited to: 15

Digital Version

Limited to: n/a

Pick up OUTBREAK's debut EP, 2004's "You Make Us Sick". 15 tracks!