Various Artists "Singles Volume 1" #B9R051
Release Date: 10/05/2004

Track List:
1) Avidity (Sum of All Fears)
2) Amber's Almighty Warhammer (Sum of All Fears)
3) Chosen Path (Tenfold)
4) Standhard
5) Break The Chain (Tenfold)
6) What It Meant (Tenfold)
7) Won't Fade Away (Tenfold)
8) Now Is Our Time (Tenfold)
9) Holding On (Tenfold)
10) Straight Edge Hardcore (Proclamation)
11) What It Takes (Proclamation)
12) In The Family (Proclamation)
13) Glorify The Lies (Proclamation)
14) You Should Pay (Proclamation)
15) On The Rise (Proclamation)
16) Torn Apart (Proclamation)
17) You Gave In (Proclamation)
18) Forget What I've Seen/Marked For Life (The Trust)
19) Too Young (The Trust)
20) Kindness For Weakness (The Trust)
21) Can't Commit (The Trust)
22) Where I Belong (The Trust)

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1st press

CD version
Bridge Nine Singles Collection Volume 1

Limited to: CD Only

The first volume of the Bridge Nine singles collection. Chronicling the first four years of Bridge Nine's history, this CD is perfect for any fan curious about the beginnings of this modern day hardcore powerhouse. This disc includes B9's first four releases; Tenfold's "Now Is Our Time" EP, Tenfold / Sum Of All Fears split EP, Proclamation's "Straight Edge Hardcore" EP, and The Trust "Self-Titled" EP. While you may be unfamiliar with the bands, any hardcore kid worth their weight in Nikes knows ...READ MORE