Stand & Fight "Stand & Fight" #B9R042
Release Date: 08/12/2003

Track List:
1) Nothing New
2) End Of The Line
3) Pressure Builds
4) My Right
5) Break The Mold
6) Stand & Fight
7) I Won't Break
8) Dead In My Eyes
9) Look Around
10) Excuses
11) Pushing Your Luck
12) My Mistake

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1st press
Stand & Fight S/T 7" EP White Vinyl

Limited to: 700

Sold out

Stand & Fight S/T 7" EP Clear Green Vinyl

Limited to: 300

sold out

Stand & Fight S/T 7" EP Black Vinyl w/ Posifest Stamp

Limited to: 250

Made for 2003 Posi #s fest in Wilkes-Barre, PA.

CD version
Stand & Fight S/T CD

Limited to: n/a

Featuring Wrench, formerly of Ten Yard Fight, this CD is 12 songs of straight edge anthems. Featuring the original Stand & Fight EP and the "Impact" demo all for one low price.

Test Press
Stand & Fight S/T 7" EP Test Press

Limited to: 10