New Found Glory "Mania" #B9R186
Release Date: 04/20/2013

Track List:
1) I Wanna Be Sedated
2) Rockaway Beach
3) Rock N Roll Highschool
4) Do you remember Rock N Roll Radio?
5) Judy Is a Punk
6) The KKK Took My Baby Away

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1st press
NEW FOUND GLORY 'Mania' LP (Pink and Black Mix/500)

Limited to: 500

New Found Glory's Mania EP on 12" pink and black mix vinyl, limited to 500 copies. This variant was available for an hour directly through Bridge Nine after Record Store Day.

NEW FOUND GLORY 'Mania' LP (Blue /500)

Limited to: 500

Record Store Day variant, limited to 500 copies.

NEW FOUND GLORY 'Mania' LP (Orange/Red Mix /500)

Limited to: 500

Record Store Day exclusive red/orange mix vinyl variant.

(SOLD OUT) NEW FOUND GLORY 'Mania' LP (Screen Printed /100)

Limited to: 100

Exclusive clear vinyl with a screen printed B-side. Randomly inserted in Bridge Nine mailorders for the pink/black swirl vinyl. Limited to 100 copies.