The Trouble "Nobody Laughs Anymore" #B9R066
Release Date: 07/12/2005

Track List:
1) We Are The Blood
2) Shadows On The Street
3) Burned Up, Washed Out
4) This One's For You
5) You Make Me Sick
6) Teenage Terror
7) Come To Grips
8) Grasping At Straws
9) No Regrets
10) Dead & Gone
11) End Of My Rope
12) Saturday's Kids
13) Reckless
14) Youth Is Wasted On The Young
15) Insight

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1st press

CD version
The Trouble- Nobody Laughs Anymore CD

Limited to: CD Only

The Trouble-Nobody Laughs Anymore CD- Originally released in the 90s, the Trouble put out one of the best hardcore/punk albums to come out of Boston. Before their members went on to be in the Explosion and Panic, they put out an album that is classic street punk mixed with hardcore. Bridging the gaps between Slapshot and the Dropkick Murphys, the Trouble's "Nobody Laughs Anymore" is a timeless piece of Boston punk history.